ITM Live Demo Series: iTestSystem with NI FieldDAQ

As a part the ITM Live Demo series, we’re excited to release this video featuring iTestSystem and National Instruments FieldDAQ™ hardware.

At ITM, we’re always on the lookout for tools that will help us take tough measurements.  When we heard that NI was introducing a new device that features IP65/67-rated ingress protection, we were very excited.  In many industrial or off-way environments, there is potential for fluids to splash or leak onto exposed hardware.  Could the NI FieldDAQ™ be a solution for these types of environments?

Watch now as I demonstrate how to use an NI FieldDAQ™ Strain Device with iTestSystem and answer the question; Will it work while submerged in water?

If you’re interested in learning more about iTestSystem or FieldDAQ™, feel free to contact one of our test specialists by e-mail at or phone at (844) 837-8797.

iTestSystem Tip: Start and Stop Tests with MultiDAQ Trigger

When deploying a DAQ system for unattended testing, use the MultiDAQ trigger function in iTestSystem to automate data collection.  Data collection starts when the start trigger condition is met.  Data collection stops when the stop trigger condition is met.
Follow the steps below to enable and configure triggering.
  1. Enable auto save
  2. Enable triggering
  3. Build a start trigger statement
  4. Build a stop trigger statement
  5. Start configured MultiDAQ
  6. Let MultiDAQ collect your data.

Mark Yeager – Cat III Vibration Analyst Certification

Congratulations to Mark Yeager for obtaining Category III Vibration Analyst Certification.

Category III Vibration Analysts are qualified to establish, direct, and\or perform programs for condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines including spectral, waveform, and orbit analysis. Category III certified Vibration Analysts are qualified to perform minor corrective actions involving operating deflection shapes, single-plane balancing, and diagnostic testing.

For information about our Vibration Testing Services, contact Ryan Welker at (844) 837-8797 x702.