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iTestSystem Tips: Modify Multiple Channels with Excel


When building large channel count DAQ systems, easy sensor channel editing is key.  Edit multiple channels at once by using excel. Highlight the Channels item in the configuration tree. Export the channels to a CSV file. Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel, then edit and save. Import the edited CSV file to update the configuration file with the channel changes.
For more information about iTestSystem, contact Chase Petzinger @ (844) 837-8797 x704

ITM adds NI-9203 Compatibility to iTestSystem

We are pleased to announce that the NI-9203 current input module can now be used with iTestSystem and NI CompactDAQ.

The NI-9203 features 8 current inputs , 16-bit resolution, +/- 20 mA range, 200 kS/s maximum sample rate in the C Series form factor.  This module is intended for high-performance control and monitoring applications. The NI-9203 uses multiplexed sampling and an SAR type ADC.

For advice about using the NI-9203 versus other current modules in iTestSystem monitoring applications or with custom cRIO RT and FPGA control applications contact Mark Yeager or Chase Petzinger.

ITM adds NI-9217 compatibility to iTestSystem

NI 9217 RTD cDAQ Module

We are pleased to announce that the NI-9217 resistance temperature detector (RTD) analog input module can now be used with iTestSystem and NI CompactDAQ.  The NI-9217 features 4 analog inputs, 24-bit resolution, and an aggregate sampling rate of 5 S/s (1.25 S/s per channel) in high accuracy mode.  The high accuracy mode has built in 50/60 Hz noise rejection and less than a 1 °C accuracy error over its entire operating temperature range.

Tip: Since the NI-9217 is the first CompactDAQ RTD module on the compatibility list,  a new RTD channel type was added to iTestSystem.  Right click on Channels in the project tree and select Create New > RTD.

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Tip: Adding Cursors to TestView+ Graphs


Quickly add cursors to your iTestSystem’s TestView+ graph by right clicking near the location that you want to add the cursor and select Cursors: Add Cursor.

Click here or point your browser to to download your free copy.

Tip: Viewing data in TestView Plus



Quickly view your test data in iTestSystem’s TestView+ application by selecting your graph type and adding channels using the quick drag and drop feature. Zoom in to take a closer look or select a new tab to create a new graph.