Monitoring Services

Our Engineers can Help Reduce Equipment Downtime and Improve Process Efficiency.

ITM provides turn-key industrial and boiler condition monitoring solutions to customers in the manufacturing, pulp and paper, and energy industries. Our team can employ a vast set of tools that can help you achieve increased equipment reliability, reduced downtime and improved efficiency.  

Our boiler monitoring technologies include: 

We can also help connect to your remote industrial devices, machinery and processes that monitor structural health, usage, and condition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  Our experts understand these networks of intelligent edge devices and internet technologies in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, power plants and transportation systems. 

Our engineers, vibration analysts and technicians have evolved at the speed of industry by fully embracing new technologies including automated trending and alarming. Our software programmers, engineers and analysts, can also help with anything related to condition monitoring. We can help with everything from primitive tasks such as route-based vibration data collection to advanced tasks involving AI and machine learning.