Monitoring Services

Our Engineers can Help Reduce Equipment Downtime and Improve Process Efficiency.

Genset Vibration Monitoring Systems

Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) specializes in Genset Vibration Monitoring Systems, designed to safeguard your power generation equipment by closely monitoring vibrations, which are often the earliest indicator of a potential failure. Our advanced solutions ensure your gensets operate reliably and efficiently, preventing unexpected downtime and prolonging equipment life.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Vibration Analysis: Utilizes sophisticated sensors and analytical tools to detect even the slightest vibrations, identifying issues before they escalate into major problems.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Offers 24/7 monitoring of your genset’s vibration levels with instant alerts, enabling you to take proactive measures at the first sign of abnormal activity.
  • Customizable Thresholds: Allows for the setting of specific vibration thresholds tailored to each genset’s operational parameters, ensuring precise and relevant monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Delivers detailed reports on vibration data, trends, and diagnostics, aiding in informed decision-making and maintenance planning.
  • Remote Access: Provides secure, remote access to vibration monitoring data through a user-friendly web platform or mobile app, facilitating oversight from any location.


  • Preventative Maintenance: Enables predictive maintenance strategies by identifying potential issues early, significantly reducing repair costs and extending the lifespan of your gensets.
  • Operational Efficiency: Ensures optimal genset performance by monitoring and addressing vibration-related issues promptly, improving overall energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Increases the reliability of your power generation systems by preventing unexpected failures, crucial for operations dependent on uninterrupted power supply.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers confidence in your genset’s performance and reliability, knowing that advanced monitoring is in place to detect and alert you to any potential issues.

Why Choose ITM for Genset Vibration Monitoring?

Choosing ITM for your Genset Vibration Monitoring needs means partnering with a leader in advanced monitoring solutions. Our expertise in engineering and deep understanding of power systems enable us to deliver tailor-made, innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed your monitoring requirements. With ITM’s Genset Vibration Monitoring Systems, you’re not just protecting your equipment; you’re optimizing your operational efficiency and reliability for peace of mind and enhanced performance.

For more detailed information on our Genset Vibration Monitoring Systems and how they can benefit your operations, click here. Additional information relating to ITM’s Genset Vibration Testing Services is located at

We can also help connect to your remote industrial devices, machinery and processes that monitor structural health, usage, and condition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  Our experts understand these networks of intelligent edge devices and internet technologies in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, power plants and transportation systems. 

Our engineers, vibration analysts and technicians have evolved at the speed of industry by fully embracing new technologies including automated trending and alarming. Our software programmers, engineers and analysts, can also help with anything related to condition monitoring. We can help with everything from primitive tasks such as route-based vibration data collection to advanced tasks involving AI and machine learning. 

Recovery/Utility Boiler Monitoring

ITM provides turn-key industrial and boiler condition monitoring solutions to customers in the manufacturing, pulp and paper, and energy industries. Our team can employ a vast set of tools that can help you achieve increased equipment reliability, reduced downtime and improved efficiency.  

Our boiler monitoring technologies include: