Data Acquisition (DAQ) Equipment Rentals

Rent Reliable Data Acquisition (DAQ) Equipment 

Are you in need of data acquisition equipment to complete your design validation test or data logging project? Are your colleagues using your DAQ equipment on another test, and you need to troubleshoot a structural problem? Worry not. ITM offers data acquisition equipment rental from our extensive testing inventory.  

At ITM, we understand the importance of having the right data acquisition equipment for your testing application. Our inventory ranges from Ethernet chassis to voltage, strain, vibration, and sync modules. Our Data Acquisition hardware includes high-speed DAQ devices, signal conditioning equipment and specialized sensors. 

These devices can be used to collect data from a wide range of sources such as strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature sensors and more. We can provide the right type of DAQ equipment to suit the specific needs of your testing application. 

Cost-effective, try before you buy solution

Our rental services are designed to provide customers with a cost-effective solution for collecting and analyzing data for specific testing or measurement projects without having to purchase the equipment outright. We understand that not all projects require a long-term commitment or investment in expensive equipment. Our data acquisition equipment rentals can be beneficial for customers who have a short-term need for test and measurement equipment and don’t want to invest in the purchase of the equipment.

ITM’s rental services are designed to help customers. They offer a cost-effective way to collect and analyze data for specific testing or measurement projects. Customers don’t need to buy the equipment.rental services allow customers to try before they buy and to use the latest equipment without having to make a long-term purchase. 

This way, customers can evaluate the equipment’s functionality and capabilities and decide whether it suits their testing application. By renting our data acquisition equipment, customers can save money on equipment costs, maintenance, calibration and storage. We provide a flexible rental period, and customers can rent equipment for as long as they need, whether it’s for a few days or several months. 

Deep lineup of hardware

At ITM, DAQ equipment is only part of our hardware lineup. Our Vibration Test Package contains all the hardware you will need to acquire quality data. The standard Vibration Test Package consists of a cDAQ 9189 chassis, 5 NI-9234 accelerometer input cards, power supply and 19 industrial accelerometers. These items are packaged in a rugged pelican case and allows for the simple and convenient collecting of data for operating deflection shapes (ODS) or measuring overall vibration levels for ISO standards.  

ITM’s Sound Level Test System is customized to measure and collect sound-level data to help your team identify the specific components causing noise issues. Our kits include data acquisition hardware, microphones and our iTestSystem software, which allows for an intuitive and simple sound-level recording and reporting experience.  Need to take vibration measurements on rotating machinery? Our Light Tach Kit contains a photoelectric sensor and all the accessories needed for your non-contact speed measurements. This kit allows you to record tachometer pulses along with vibration data. 

Includes DAQ Software 

One of the benefits of renting data acquisition equipment from ITM is that we provide the iTestSystem Data Acquisition Software along with the rental. This software is specifically designed to work with our data acquisition hardware and provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring, monitoring, and analyzing data. The iTestSystem software includes a range of data analysis tools such as FFT, time domain filtering, order tracking and much more. With this software, customers can easily collect, analyze and present their data in a meaningful way. 

Another advantage of renting our data acquisition equipment is that we offer both Ethernet and USB chassis. Ethernet chassis are ideal for remote monitoring and control of DAQ hardware, while USB chassis are ideal for portable data acquisition applications. Our equipment is regularly maintained, calibrated, and tested to ensure reliable and accurate data acquisition. 

Our team is adept at understanding strain modules, vibration modules, voltage modules, short-term rental, equipment maintenance, equipment calibration and much more. We are known for getting things in working order and we have a selection of products available, including chassis for Ethernet networks, and various modules for measuring voltage, strain, vibration, and synchronization. ITM techs are used to dealing with equipment failures, preventative maintenance, data preparation, calibrated instruments, powered data, data modeling, interactive dashboards, visualizing data, data analytics tools and data processing. 

Exceptional customer service

At ITM, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our team of experienced engineers is available to provide technical support and guidance to customers throughout the rental period. We can assist with the selection of equipment, configuration, and troubleshooting to ensure that customers get the most out of our rental services. 

Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and how we can benefit your testing and measurement projects. 


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  • Inexpensive Data Acquisition Hardware Rental
  • iTestSystem Data Acquisition Software included
  • Ethernet and USB Chassis
  • Strain, Vibration, Temperature, Voltage and Sync Modules available.


Have you ever needed additional data acquisition equipment to complete a design validation test or data logging project?  Or, has a colleague used all of your daq and data collection equipment on another test and you need to troubleshoot a structural problem? We now offer data acquisition equipment rental from our extensive testing inventory to select iTestSystem software users.  This inventory ranges from Ethernet chassis, to voltage, strain, vibration and sync modules.