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Large Mining Dump Truck

High Channel Count Synchronous Datalogging

Faced with the challenge of testing a large and complex on‐highway vehicle, engineers from Integrated Test & Measurement knew it would take hundreds of channels...
NI-9231 CompactDAQ Module

Sound & Vibration DAQ Tools: NI-9231 Module

When measuring noise and vibration levels, our engineers…

Railcar Structural Testing

Obvious signs of fatigue — cracks at the corners of doors — had begun to surface on an in-service Railcar. A case study describing the structural testing.
NI-9236 Strain Gauge Module

Engineering Data Acquisition Tools: NI-9236 Strain Module

The most common strain gauge installation configuration is…
Lego Test Cell Model

Engine Test Cell Vibration Monitoring

Engine manufacturing vibration health monitoring, high-speed acquisition and analysis architecture scales up to 100 test cells.
Paper Mill

Paper Mill Thermocouple Monitoring

One solution for monitoring steam tube temperature/s located inside its utility boiler to make sure start-up conditions were met.
Noisy Construction Site

Quiet Please: ITM Tunes Into Importance of Measuring Sound Levels

Whether manufacturing vehicles, mining natural resources…

Video: Custom Rugged Data Acquisition Systems

Check out this video showing one of our custom rugged data acquisition systems!

Silo Load Monitoring

Plant operators need to continuously measure bulk material…

Lattice Boom Crane Structural Design Validation

A case study describing a strain gauge DAQ system used to validate several new designs of a heavy lift lattice boom crane to comply with SAE J987 standards.

Engineering Data Acquisition Tools: cDAQ-9189

When our engineers go on the road to troubleshoot structural…
Diesel Generator

Structural Validation & Testing of Generator Sets

A case study describing a reliable system for testing generator vibration levels after production in order to verify proper unit design and assembly.