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Unveiling Your Engineering Path: Career Prospects at Integrated Test & Measurement

Engineers come to our Booth at the UC Career Fair

Learn about Engineering Employment Opportunities at the UC Career Fair.

The University of Cincinnati’s Fall Career Fair is fast approaching, offering a platform for new engineers to explore their professional futures. Amidst the myriad of companies presenting their opportunities, Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) emerges as a beacon of innovation and growth. In this blog, we invite you to delve into the exciting career prospects in mechanical, aerospace, electrical, and computer engineering that await you at ITM.

Mechanical Engineering at ITM:

Mechanical engineers are the architects of the physical world, devising systems and products that shape our daily lives. At ITM, we offer you the chance to immerse yourself in projects that demand your creativity and problem-solving skills. From pioneering testing solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries to streamlining manufacturing processes, mechanical engineering at ITM is a journey of discovery and innovation.

Aerospace Engineering at ITM:

For those who dream of soaring the skies and beyond, ITM provides aerospace engineers the opportunity to be part of projects that define the future of flight. Whether it’s designing systems for flight testing or ensuring the reliability of space exploration missions, we empower aerospace engineers to contribute to the most exhilarating and impactful endeavors of our time.

Electrical Engineering at ITM:

In a world driven by technology, electrical engineers are the architects of progress. At ITM, your electrical engineering skills will be put to the test in developing advanced data acquisition systems, custom measurement solutions, and cutting-edge electronics. Your work will have a direct impact on industries, such as, energy, aerospace, off-highway and more. You’ll be part of a team committed to innovation and excellence.

Computer Engineering at ITM:

As technology evolves, computer engineers play a pivotal role. ITM offers computer engineers a dynamic environment where they can work on software development, hardware design, and embedded systems. From designing state-of-the-art user interfaces to pioneering the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems, our projects are both challenging and rewarding.

Why Choose ITM?

What distinguishes Integrated Test & Measurement as an employer of choice for engineers?

  1. Innovation: ITM leads the way in technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  2. Collaboration: We foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives unite to solve intricate problems.
  3. Growth Opportunities: ITM invests in your professional development, providing continuous learning and advancement opportunities.
  4. Creativity: We encourage creative thinking and value novel ideas that drive innovation.
  5. Impact: Our projects make a tangible difference across various industries, from aerospace to medical device testing.

Meet ITM at the UC Career Fair:

We’re thrilled to connect with the next generation of engineers at the University of Cincinnati’s Career Fair. Visit our booth to learn more about the exciting opportunities waiting for you at Integrated Test & Measurement. Our team will be there to answer your questions, share their experiences, and provide insights into the remarkable projects that could shape your future.

We will be there on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Your engineering journey begins here, and at ITM, the possibilities are boundless. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore mechanical, aerospace, electrical, and computer engineering career opportunities that will shape the world at Integrated Test & Measurement. We look forward to meeting you at the UC Career Fair!

Contact Josh Fishback for more information about a career at ITM.

ITM Seeks Full-Time and Co-op Hires at UC Technical Career Fair


Details about the UC Technical Career Fair - 2023

Details about the UC Technical Career Fair – 2023

A team of engineers and professionals from Integrated Test & Measurement will be on the ground at the University of Cincinnati’s Technical Career Fair on Wednesday, Feb. 8, to meet with prospective full-time employees and future co-ops.

We are looking for full-time project engineers, computer engineers, and engineering technicians who are ready to start as early as May. We are also interested in hiring multiple co-op candidates.

We are looking for full-time project engineers, computer engineers, and engineering technicians who are ready to start as early as May. We are also interested in hiring multiple co-op candidates.

Administrative Director Josh Fishback leads ITM’s recruitment team with the help of Amy Carlier. They’ll be joined at the UC Campus Recreation Center by Ryan Welker, Vice President of Operations and Mark Yeager, Lead Programmer. Interested students can find ITM representatives from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Our firm is interested in filling full-time roles for students graduating with a degree in computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering, electrical engineering technology and aerospace engineering. We are also interested in hiring a marketing professional to assist with promoting ITM’s growing business.

We are seeking full-time hires. We are also searching for talented students interested in experiencing a dynamic and fulfilling cooperative education opportunity. This co-op opportunity will provide a chance to learn through exciting, hands-on engineering projects around the country.

Those who visit ITM’s booth can grab some ITM swag and can register for one of ITM’s custom T-shirts. Josh Fishback will reach out to individuals if there is potential for an interview.

ITM is a structural test & measurement engineering service and software company in Milford, Ohio, that focuses on three vertical spaces: Industrial Monitoring, Testing Services, and our configuration-based test software, iTestSystem.

ITM offers competitive compensation and benefits and a career filled with travel and new learning opportunities. ITM was founded by Tim Carlier in 2001 to help companies around the world reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their product development, manufacturing and production activities.

Contact us to learn more.

Q&A with ITM Co-op Marlo Bryant

Marlo Bryant

UC mechanical engineering student loved the variety at ITM 

Marlo Bryant is in her fifth year as a mechanical engineering student at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science. She spent this summer as a co-op at ITM, helping the firm with interesting projects around the country. We caught up with Marlo during her last week, and here are some of her reflections. 

Q: What led you to ITM?  

A: I was looking for a smaller company for my last co-op rotation because I had worked at a huge conglomerate and also a larger company. I wanted to really utilize the co-op program to get a feel for different industries and different size companies. I’m also interested in data analysis kind of work, so that’s initially why ITM sounded so interesting.

Q: Was there anything about your experience that will influence your future? 

A: Yeah. I’ve been kind of struggling with what I want to do with an engineering degree once I graduate. But this co-op has definitely helped me narrow down that I’m

more interested and inclined toward test engineering as opposed to manufacturing or design. So, I think it has been really beneficial.  

Q: What is it about testing that’s intriguing to you? 

A: I like being able to see a project go from start to finish. Figure out what you are looking for, complete it and go through the results. You get a larger role in seeing the whole operation and having more responsibility instead of just having tunnel vision on one small role. 

Q: Any particular experience that stands out from your co-op? 

A: Going down and working on rockets and being able to go inside rockets and seeing the whole manufacturing center is super cool. And being trusted to work on what ITM is doing there is pretty awesome. 

Q: What might you say to a classmate considering a co-op at ITM?

A: From talking to my peers, a lot of co-ops that they’ve been on are just sitting at their desk or doing the same kind of boring thing. A lot of companies just want their engineers to do the work and only have their co-ops there as support. But at ITM you get to have a big role in projects.

For more information about co-op opportunities or employment at ITM, contact Josh Fishback via phone: (844) 837-8797 or email: josh.fishback@itestsystem.com.

ITM connects with future engineers at UC Career Fair

UC Career Fair from Above

ITM connects with future engineers at UC Career Fair 

Mixed among the buzz of voices inside the massive six-court gymnasium at the University of Cincinnati Technical Career Fair this week, ITM connected with a ton of impressive engineering students. 

Potential full-time employees and co-op students heard for the first time about our engineering firm in Milford, Ohio. It is always a joy to watch their eyes light up as we share the projects our team has the opportunity to deploy across the country and around the world. 

The aerospace students hear that we work on rockets. The mechanical engineering students learn of the rugged measurements we collect on massive machinery. And the computer programmers discover that we’ve spun up our own software products. 

The reaction is almost always the same: “Wow! I had no idea.”  

For our team, the day is equally as fulfilling as we connect with the next generation of engineers eager to get to work and apply their knowledge. 

Our firm is interested in filling full-time roles for students graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering, electrical engineering technology and aerospace engineering. 

Are you a current student or recent graduate who loves adventure, travel and has an entrepreneurial spirit? Discover a culture driven by innovation at ITM. Check out our job postings or fill out our co-op questionnaire (/jobs/). 

ITM Co-op Helps Engineering Student Set Sights Even Higher 

ITM Co-op Helps Engineering Student Set Sights Even Higher 

Tyler House’s dream career began to come into sharper focus during his spring co-op at Integrated Test & Measurement.

After four months at the Milford, Ohio, firm the University of Cincinnati electrical engineering student headed into his summer feeling both excited by his work experience and inspired to emulate ITM CEO Tim Carlier one day by starting his own company.

“I know I want to do something I love,” said Tyler, who had just returned from a trip to Disney with his girlfriend to celebrate the end of the semester. “I’d like to start my own company someday. I’ve been poking at that idea. Definitely a big dream of mine is having that freedom and doing something that means a lot to me.”

Perhaps the only thing that equals Tyler’s love of engineering is his love of music. He and a few fellow graduates from Clermont Northeastern (CNE) high school started a band called Wishbone, which has started lining up local gigs to cover rock and blues tunes stretching back a half century.

Tyler’s two worlds collided on the last day of his co-op when a couple of engineers from ITM dropped into his band’s “first bonafide show.”

“It was so much fun watching their reaction,” said Tyler, who employs his electrical engineering skills to repair the band’s gear when things inevitably break. “I love that they came.”

Coincidentally, like Wishbone, ITM’s entire leadership team — the CEO, VP of Operations, Lead Programmer and Administrative Director — are all CNE graduates. For Tyler, seeing that level of success from the same small high school as him was only more of a confidence lift.

He loves the entrepreneurial and inventive culture at ITM, where staff members are constantly tackling new challenges. “It’s really just a great place to figure out what you are into,” he said.

Tyler found himself learning a ton about Fusion 360, a cloud-based 3D modeling program, while researching mechanical properties and simulating failure modes on a bolted joint. He said he spent about half his co-op in the office doing things like assembling Data Acquisition (DAQ) boxes and the other half on the road working on-site. Experiences included everything from climbing inside massive paper mills to helping gather data on equipment operating in remote locations all over the country.

“In talking with my friends who have had co-ops, it’s hard to get to work in a place where you feel like you can make a difference and actually help fix problems,” said Tyler. “I definitely felt that. I learned really fast about how to deal with mistakes and just general problem solving.”

Besides the on-the-job learning, he loved exploring new places, national parks and more with the ITM crew after hours. He’s hoping to pick up some work helping ITM with any projects through the summer, and he’s interested in returning during his next co-op rotation in Spring of 2023.

Meanwhile, he’ll keep poking at his dream of someday owning his own company.

“You just have to go out there and get it,” Tyler said. “If you are aggressive about it, you will fail a bunch. But you’ve got to be able to get up off the ground and just keep rolling with it.”

For more information about Co-op or employment opportunities at ITM, contact Josh Fishback via email at josh.fishback@itestsystem.com or phone at (844) 837-8797 x705.