Software Products

XploreIM, iTestSystem & iTestSystem Applications


If you need to organize, acquire, view and analyze data from machinery, processes, vehicles or other complex systems, ITM’s iTestSystem Software is your ideal solution. This LabVIEW-based engineering measurement platform supports National Instruments (NI) cDAQ hardware and allows users to easily collect sound and vibration data.  

TestViewPlus is an iTestSystem application for quick and easy viewing and analysis of data recorded as TDMS files. Using TestViewPlus, engineers can open multiple data files at once, then simply drag and drop data channels into a variety of graphs and tables. Data plotting algorithms allow for viewing and zooming into even the largest data files without running into memory issues. 

MultiDAQ XL is a powerful and flexible software application that allows you to monitor and record data from multiple channels of sensors and other measurement devices. Examples include strain gauges, accelerometers and temperature sensors. Whether you need to perform real-time monitoring or long-term data logging, MultiDAQ XL has you covered.  

Xplore IM is a desktop application that is used to configure and deploy ITM developed controller configurations to cRIO controllers. Applications include thermocouple monitoring, strain and load monitoring and vibration monitoring.