Civil | Infrastructure Engineering Services

Rugged Load Monitoring Systems, On-site Strain Gauging, Dam Spillway Strain Monitoring, LabVIEW Programming

When it comes to infrastructure, ITM’s engineers are adept at delivering structural testing and data acquisition solutions for everything from public transit systems to bridges, dams, spillways, energy technologies and more. 

Few things are as important as the health of our nation’s infrastructure, and our partners as well as Department of Transportation (DOT) authorities know they can turn to ITM for bridge and infrastructure monitoring, whether that means installing or maintaining structural sensors or building custom enclosures that house the precision data acquisition (DAQ) equipment. 

We have decades of experience installing strain gauges on civil structures and machinery around the globe, and our team thrives when challenged to develop a creative or rugged data acquisition solution — be it on buildings, railcars, paper mills or power plants.