Transform Your Silo into a Smart Weighing System with IoT and Strain Gauge Technology

Silo Weight IOT System

Silo Weight IOT System – Sensors and IOT Server (Blue)

In the dynamic world of bulk material storage, the accuracy and accessibility of silo weight information are crucial. Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) is revolutionizing this space with a strain gauge-based Silo Weigh Scale system that’s integrated with cutting-edge IoT technology. This blog post explores how this innovative solution offers real-time data monitoring and a plethora of connectivity options to enhance your material handling efficiency.

Transforming Silo Weight Monitoring: Gone are the days of unreliable weight estimations. ITM’s approach involves attaching strain gauges to a silo’s support structure, delivering precision weight measurements and a new level of intelligence in monitoring bulk materials.

Key Features of ITM’s Silo Weigh Scale System:

  1. Strain Gauge Accuracy: ITM’s system measures the weight of silo contents with high precision, ensuring accurate data for efficient inventory and operational management.
  2. IoT-Enabled Data Aggregation: The strain gauges’ data is processed by a local IoT controller, accurately converting the measurements to weight. This integration means reliable and accessible data.
  3. Cloud Connectivity and Mobile Monitoring: The system seamlessly transmits weight data to various IoT cloud services, including AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Arduino IoT Cloud, Blynk IoT, and AVEVA™ PI System™. Remote monitoring of silo contents is now possible through mobile devices, providing unparalleled access and control.
  4. Wide Range of IoT Services Supported: The system is compatible with multiple IoT services such as MQTT Client, MQTT Secure Client, and more, ensuring flexibility in how you access and manage your data.
  5. Wireless Protocol Versatility: With support for WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, and LoRa, the system offers diverse wireless connectivity options, ensuring robust and adaptable communication capabilities.
  6. Integration with Control Systems: The weight data can integrate with onsite DCS or PLCs for enhanced process control, and a local HMI allows for direct weight viewing and sensor calibration.
  7. Advanced Communication Protocols: ITM’s Silo Weigh Scale System supports a range of communication protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Modbus 485, and Modbus TCP. This versatility ensures that the system can easily integrate with various industrial control systems, enhancing its utility across different operational setups.

Enhanced Safety and Preventive Maintenance: Beyond monitoring, the system enhances silo safety by identifying potential structural issues early, thus preventing failures and ensuring operational safety.

Conclusion: With its advanced strain gauge technology, IoT integration, and wide range of connectivity options, ITM’s Silo Weigh Scale System represents a significant leap forward in bulk material monitoring. This solution not only offers precise weight measurements but also brings flexibility, safety, and ease of access to silo management.

Embrace Innovation in Bulk Material Monitoring: To learn more about ITM’s strain gauge services and explore the benefits of IoT integration in your silo management system connect with our team of experts. Step into the future of bulk material handling with ITM’s advanced, connected solutions.

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