Ryan Matthews


Engineer / Project Manager

Ryan joined ITM in 2015 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  At ITM, Ryan’s roles include project management, system design, data analysis, field instrumentation and testing, and programming support.

Certifications: Certified LabVIEW™ Developer (CLD) and Category III Vibration Analyst

Engineer / Project Manager

Working at ITM checks a lot of boxes for Ryan Matthews.

  • Travel the world — check.
  • Hands-on engineering — check.
  • Make an impact on the environment — check.
  • Project management and signal analysis — check.

Hired in 2015 as a University of Cincinnati mechanical engineering grad, Matthews has spent much of his time working to help improve the efficiency of massive recovery boilers across the U.S. and internationally. For a former Eagle Scout who fell in love with being outdoors as a teenager, these trips allow him to see first-hand the positive environmental impact that Integrated Test & Measurement is having by helping the pulp & paper industry both increase efficiency and decrease pollution.  

A very nice side benefit is that Matthews often hangs back after the work is complete to spend a couple of days backpacking his way through nearby national parks, camping in wilderness areas or skiing the local slopes. 

The University of Cincinnati graduate came to ITM straight out of college after spending a few years on co-ops with Etegent Technologies, an engineering firm in Norwood, Ohio, where he spent most of his time helping to develop high temperature sensors. Matthews’ expertise in vibration, sensors and signal analysis made him an ideal fit for ITM. 

For him, the variety of work keeps life interesting. One week he’s working at a rocket company in Alabama, the next he’s atop a 120-degree recovery boiler in New York, and the next he’s in negative 20 degree temperatures in the oil sands of Northern Alberta, Canada. His duties include data analysis, on-site instrumentation and testing, system design, 3D modeling, sales, proposal writing or his favorite — managing all aspects of a project from start to finish. He’s also a Category III Vibration Analyst.