iTestSystem 20.0

Transform Testing and Data Acquisition with iTestSystem

Welcome to the iTestSystem Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Analysis software platform from Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM).   

iTestSystem is a powerful and user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software that allows you to easily collect, process and analyze data from your test and measurement equipment. This engineering measurement software platform enables test engineers to organize, acquire, view, and analyze data from machinery, processes, vehicles and other complex systems. 

Whether you’re performing vibration testing, strain gauge testing (strain gage testing) or any other type of testing, iTestSystem has the capabilities you need to get the job done.   

Some of the advantages of iTestSystem include:   

  • Real-time data acquisition and display: iTestSystem allows you to collect data from your test equipment in real-time and display it on your computer screen. This makes it easy to monitor the progress of your tests and detect any issues that may arise.   
  • Advanced data analysis: iTestSystem includes a wide range of advanced data analysis tools, such as FFT, PSD, and frequency analysis. These allow you to understand the data you’ve collected in more depth.   
  • Customizable Data logging: You can customize how data is logged and saved, choosing to log all data or specific data points for analysis.   
  • Scripting and automation: iTestSystem allows you to automate repetitive tasks by creating and running scripts that can control your test equipment and perform data analysis.   
  • Graphic representations: Create custom reports, charts, and graphs that help you communicate and share your data with others.   
  • Compatibility: Our software is compatible with a wide variety of test and measurement equipment and supports multiple file formats, such as TDMS and Excel.   

iTestSystem is designed to meet the needs of engineers, researchers and technicians in a variety of industries. Our software can be used to test and measure structural dynamics, mechanical equipment, electro-mechanical systems and much more.   

If you are looking for reliable and efficient data acquisition and analysis software, iTestSystem is the perfect solution for your testing needs.  

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