ITM Strain Gauging Services

Custom Strain Gauge Load Cell with Calipers and Drawings

Custom Strain Gauge Load Cell with Calipers and Drawings

Our strain gauge instrumentation team makes tough measurements 

Quantifying stress, strain and force within a structure using real-world strain gauge measurements is commonly used to verify FEA models and estimate a component’s fatigue life. Our engineers and technicians have planned and implemented challenging installations for our customers around the globe. Information from these strain gauge installations has allowed our customers to validate their designs and improve their product’s reliability. 

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Installing strain gauges in the field for structural and fatigue measurements requires expertise and experience. Whether you use our iTestSystem software to stream and analyze strain signals for static measurements and real-world fatigue data acquisition or contract our software engineers to build a real time strain monitoring or load cell system, we will make sure you acquire quality strain data. 

Contact our strain lab and technicians to install strain gauges on test specimens or to design, build, calibrate, and test strain-based load cells. 

Strain Lab Contact Info:, (844) 837-8797