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ICRC 2017 – Recovery Boiler Clinker Detection System (CDS)

ļ»æļ»æ Learn more about theĀ Clinker Detection System (CDS)Ā technologyĀ and other Boiler Monitoring Solutions from ITM, at the International Chemical RecoveryĀ Conference (ICRC – 2017) in Halifax,Ā Nova ScotiaĀ onĀ May 24th at 10:30AM. During this presentation, ITM’s president Tim Carlier discusses how a recovery boiler CDS was used to detectĀ superheater fouling andĀ itsĀ impacts on boiler operation.

ITM Starts Free iTestSystem Webinar Series

iTestSystem is ITM’s structural data acquisition and analysis software.Ā  We are starting an online iTestSystem Webinar Series.Ā  The goal for this series of webinarsĀ is to introduce iTestSystem’s capabilities to new users and refresh experienced users’ application fluency. Come join us online for the inaugural iTestSystem Webinar: General Overview and Applications.Ā  In this webinar Chase Petzinger […]

Superheater Overheat Protection (SHOP) @ BLRBAC Spring 2017

ļ»æļ»æITM’s president Tim Carlier (tim.carlier@iTestSystem.com) is presenting its Superheater Overheat Protection (SHOP) technology at the Spring 2017 Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee (BLRBAC) MeetingĀ  in Atlanta, GAĀ on April 12th.Ā  SHOP helps boiler operators avoid short term overheat failures of recovery boiler superheater tubes. ITM will also introduce new boiler and plant optimization technologies/systems thatĀ their […]

ITM Strain Gauging Services

QuantifyingĀ stress, strain and force within a structure using real world strain gauge measurementsĀ is commonly used to verify FEA models and estimate a component’s fatigue life.Ā  Our engineers and technicians have planned and implemented challenging strain gauge installationsĀ forĀ our customersĀ around the globe.Ā  Information fromĀ these strain gaugeĀ installations has allowed our customers to validate their designs and improve their […]

ITM adds NI-9217 compatibility to iTestSystem

We areĀ pleased to announce that the NI-9217Ā resistance temperature detector (RTD)Ā analog input module can now be used with iTestSystem and NI CompactDAQ.Ā  The NI-9217 featuresĀ 4 analog inputs, 24-bit resolution, and an aggregate sampling rate ofĀ 5 S/s (1.25 S/s per channel) in high accuracy mode.Ā  The high accuracy mode has built in 50/60 Hz noise rejection and […]

ITM adds NI-9205 compatibility to iTestSystem

We are excited to announce that the NI-9205 general purpose analog input module can now be used with iTestSystem and NI CompactDAQ.Ā  Adding this moduleĀ allows engineersĀ to expand the use of iTestSystem from structural testing and analysis where signal phase relationship is important, into data logging where phase isn’t as high a priority.Ā  The NI-9205 features […]