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Engineering Data Acquisition Tools: NI 9218 Universal Input Module

NI 9218 Universal Module

The NI-9218 Module is a 51.2kHz, 24bit, 2-Channel C Series universal analog input module. It provides versatility when developing test plans because it is compatible with accelerometers, powered sensors, full-bridge sensors, voltage and current measurements, and quarter, half, and full bridge strain gauges.

Our test engineers use this data collection module in rugged measurement system designs that require measurements from 12Vdc powered sensors or measurement flexibility. On a recent iTestSystem rotating machinery troubleshooting project, we were able to collect and analyze data from a 12Vdc powered light tachometer and an IEPE accelerometer using only the NI-9218, a cDAQ chassis, and iTestSystem.

For more information about this module, iTestSystem or our testing services or any other data logging solutions, contact Ryan Welker @ (844) 837-8797 x702.