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ITM presents Boiler Monitoring Solutions @AF & PA Conference 2017

AF and PA 2017 Conference Presentation Page

Learn more about the Hopper Ash Level Thermocouple (HALT) monitoring system and other Boiler Monitoring Solutions from ITM, at the 2017 American Forest & Paper Association (AF & PA) Meeting and Conference in Atlanta, GA on Feb. 8th at 9:20AM.

Conference details can be found at https://www.afandpa.org/our-industry/recovery-boiler-program.


Clinker Detection System (CDS)

Do you need to reduce your operating cost and carbon footprint on your recovery or coal fired boiler? If so, we can help. With over 15 years of experience in the development and installation of boiler fouling detection systems, ITM is excited to introduce our latest technology that is targeted at clinker impact detection, The Clinker Detection System (CDS). Click here to learn more or visit the CDS product page at /solutions/industrial-monitoring-systems/cds-clinker-detection-system/.


ITM Installs Paper Mill Thermocouple Monitoring System

control panel

In search of a system that would send feedback to further optimize their production efficiencies and reduce energy costs, a paper mill company turned to ITM for help measuring the temperature of steam tubes inside its Recovery boiler.

The challenge our engineers faced was to not just log temperature measurements, but also to transfer this information to a remote computer, perform complex measurements and output results that would serve as a watchdog to ensure normal conditions.

Our solution was yet another example of finding a creative way to use existing National Instruments hardware and software to solve a complex problem.

See the complete Case Study.

— ITM President Tim Carlier