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Wireless Strain Based Silo Monitoring

Silo Level Monitoring Video

Keeping up with more than a million pounds of plastic pellets a year would seem a near impossible task.

But at ITM, we’ve developed a wireless strain based monitoring solution to help manufacturers — particularly those in the injection mold business — easily alter existing storage silos to keep a more accurate eye on the levels of dry goods contained in them.

Industry partners report the difficulty of keeping exact measurements of the amount of ever-changing raw materials they have stored in on-site silos. With our solution, however, we’ve removed the guesswork with a system that won’t require manufacturers to go through costly structural modifications.

As we demonstrate in this video, we are able to build a measurement system that will report silo levels by using strain gauge sensors, a wireless signal transmitter and a remote signal receiver. Notice in the lab test, as the valve is opened and the water begins to drain, the signals on the user interface respond accordingly as the values decrease. Though a seemingly simple test, I’m convinced the results hold important real-world implications.

Similarly, we think manufacturers will value being able to monitor multiple silos from a single customized interface and ultimately maintain efficiencies and keep their production lines humming.

— ITM President Tim Carlier

iTestSystem Overview

The iTestSystem (iTS) 2011 Platform enables the user to organize, acquire and view important engineering data using National Instruments (NI) C-Series hardware.  This video shows cDAQ hardware configuration, sensor configuration, data acquisition, data logging, and real-time data viewing.  It also shows the roving hammer impact test DAQ application.

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ATV Data Acquisition

Check out this cool ATV operation testing video featuring ITM’s iTestSystem Software and NI StandAlone cDAQ-9133 CompactDAQ Data Acquisition Hardware.  Acceleration and strain gauge sensors were installed on the ATV chassis and shift lever to characterize the forces acting on the vehicle while in operation.  iTestSystem was installed on the standalone chassis to simplify data logging and data management, and graphically view real time data over a wireless network.

For more information about this data logging application, our testing services or the iTestSystem software, contact Ryan Welker at or (844) 837-8797.