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ITM Presents on Rugged Data Acquisition at NI Week


One of the highlights of our summer at ITM is our trek to NI Week, the annual conference in Austin, Texas, presented by National Instruments where thousands of the world’s brightest minds in engineering and science come together to learn about the latest technology in our field.

For the last couple of years, we’ve had the privilege to not just attend but also to present during the interactive technical sessions. This year’s co-presentation on developing a Rugged Data Acquisition solution gave me the chance to share how ITM’s line of Rugged Data Acquisition (RAC) Systems allow us (and our customers) to gather data under even the harshest testing conditions.

Our portable RAC Systems include our LabVIEW-based iTestSystem software and can withstand environmental elements, shock and vibration in the field. Among the many features — whether you need to measure strain, acceleration, voltage, speed or temperature — these units can store terabytes of data that is all synched.

I love talking up the products that come out of our lab at ITM, but getting to share more about our Rugged DAQ solutions in a forum like NI Week takes it to the next level. I’m already looking forward to returning to Austin in 2015.

— ITM President Tim Carlier

ITM Engineers Earn Pinnacle LabVIEW Certification

LabVIEW Certification Pyramid

While I’m not surprised at their achievement, I’m excited to announce that two engineers from our team at Integrated Test & Measurement have reached the highest LabVIEW Certification Level from NI.

Mark Yeager, an engineer and lead programmer, along with Chase Petzinger, a programmer and computer engineer, have reached Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) status.

With only a half dozen CLAs throughout all of Ohio, ITM now employs a third of the engineers in the state who have mastered NI’s rigorous CLA exam.

A Certified Architect is the highest level of certification from NI and signifies mastery in architecting and project managing LabVIEW applications as well as the ability to lead complex projects from conception through completion.

A National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner, ITM’s LabVIEW Development Team has provided professional engineering applications to our customers since 2001. We specialize in developing both windows-based and real-time applications that transform mechanical data into useful engineering data by monitoring such things as vibration, strain, temperature and load.

These impressive certifications reinforce ITM’s expertise in the field of software development.

For LabVIEW programming assistance contact Mark Yeager via email: or phone: (844) 837-8797 x 701.